Comprised of four basic steps, EOS® implementation rolls out in the following manner.

STEP 1: We start with a free 90-minute consultation. We exchange information about our businesses, determine if we are on the same page and, ultimately, determine if there is a fit. During this meeting, I’ll provide an overview of the specific EOS tools used with clients.

STEP 2: Once we determine there is a fit, we schedule a Focus Day™, where we explore the concept of “hitting the ceiling” and how to break through it. Next we start to work on the business using an exercise that aligns the leadership team, clarifies their roles, and establishes clear accountability. Goals are set for the leadership team as well as a weekly meeting cadence. Finally, we develop a first draft of your company scorecard. By the end of the Focus Day you will be prepared to begin using some of the foundational tools in your business.

STEP 3: After a 30-day break we reconvene for Vision Building™. The first part of the day is spent determining how the EOS tools are working in your company and making any necessary adjustments. After we are comfortable with the tools, we work on answering the 8 Questions in the EOS Vision/Traction Organizer™. This is a two-day process separated by an additional 30-day break. At the end of the second session, your organization’s vision is crystallized and you are beginning to master the tools.

STEP 4: From here we run Quarterly and Annual Planning sessions that reinforce Focus and Traction®. We work together to master The Meeting Pulse™ necessary to solve your Long-Term Issues. In our Quarterly Planning session, we check-in, learn from the past quarter, re-confirm your vision, learn new tools, establish your plan for next quarter and resolve all key issues. Annuals are a supercharged 2 day experience. In every session all of our work focuses on indirectly, and ultimately directly, improving your Team Health.


So, when are we done?
My goal is to get you comfortable as quickly as possible and then get out of the way so that you can run the business on a sustainable basis, using the EOS Process®. Some clients retain EOS Implementers™ for 2 years or more to run their quarterly and annual planning so that every member of the leadership team can fully participate. It’s completely up to you and your team.

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